?What is Geekinese
    Geekinese is a method to learn and understand technology. Many of the words and phrases appear to be weird or unnatural. Processor, memory, and denial of service are but a few of the examples. Outside of computers, these words may not make sense. Over time, it seemed that many of these terms could match examples from everyday life. And with that, Geekinese was born.
The goal of Geekinese is to help people to understand technical terms. A news article may mention that a company was affected by a distributed denial of service (DDoS). What does that actually mean? Is there a real world example that could you to understand the concept? Geekinese hopes to provide an example or two that would help you to understand what was being reported.
Earlier, you may have noticed that I said language. Geekinese is not meant to be tied to one language or situation. The scenarios can be modified for the audience. This means that many of the concepts can be translated to other languages. Also, the actual situations can be changed as needed.

To be clear, Geekinese is not an exact science. There may be times when an example is close but does not fit exactly. The purpose of Geekinese is to cover general concepts. It is not guide on how to use a particular web browser or how to install a program.
The Geekinese program is still under development. As a treat, some examples have been placed on the site so that you can see what it is all about. Follow the link below and enjoy. 
Let's begin